Monday, September 28, 2015

A Halloween Birthday!

I know I haven't posted lately. September is a busy month for me. It is my sisters birth month and my daughter's birth month so there is a lot to plan and take care of.

I wanted to share this since we did a Halloween Themed Party. It was a tight month so I didn't get to go all out like I would have liked to. I did get to make a few cool decorations though. My daughter wore one of her costumes and was Freddy from Nightmare On Elm Street.

We Had a lot of fun and after having burgers, hot dogs, and chips, we did cake, ice cream, and presents than we all watched Trick R' Treat!!!!


I wish I could have done more for decorating since we did such a cool theme but next year, for her Sweet 16, she want's to do Dia De Los Muertos and that would be awesome. Artistically, I love the aspects of the celebration. What better way to celebrate life then to pay respect to the dead :-)? Have you ever done a Halloween Themed Birthday or Horror Themed Birthday?