Friday, June 24, 2016

Freaky Friday Finds: Bookman's

Bookman's is another local find that I have known about for some time now. I just recently visited the store after not going in for awhile and I happily found that they have a nice selection of Horror/Sci-Fi/Anime collectibles along with their great selection of Book's and Movie's!

 Sorry for the glare. They had a nice selection of collectible toy's. They buy, sell and trade on a number of items. They sell book's, movie's DVD and Blu Ray, Music CD's and Vinyl, collectible's, musical instruments, and games Wii/Sega/Playstation/XBOX/Nintendo and more.

Awesome Living Dead Doll's

 Hellsing Dolls

 How creepy is this bunny lol?

Just one section of the horror movies! I wrote a blog post on Seventh Moon and that DVD is one I purchased from Bookman's. It only cost me $3.00!

So if you're ever in Mesa, Arizona come check them out :-)

They are located at
1056 S. Country Club Dr
Mesa, Arizona 85210

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ghost House Underground: Seventh Moon

I have always been fascinated with myths, beliefs, and customs of different cultures so even though this isn't the actual sociological review of the Chinese belief of Hungry Ghost Month, it is still interesting. 

I believe that all our myths came from someplace real. Maybe not every single one but most. I think we are often too arrogant in our belief that we understand everything and that we are all that there is. The truth lies somewhere in between myths and science. neither can solely explain and be responsible for everything.

Being that I have multiple ethnicities, one being Asian...Filipino to be exact, the Asian beliefs have always intrigued me. The Irish beliefs come in second to that. 

Anyways, back to the movie lol.

I have seen it before but yesterday on a trip to this store in Mesa called Bookman's (Which I will be doing A review on next Fiday) , I found a copy of it for $3 which I couldn't pass up. I love finding things cheap :-)!

Seventh Moon is made by Ghost House Pictures and is one of their Ghost House Underground Films. It is about a young newlywed couple, Melissa (Amy Smart) and Yul (Tim Chiou), that are honeymooning in China so they can visit his family . On their cab ride to the village they become lost in the countryside and are attacked by supernatural beings. Somehow they have to try to survive the night after finding the cab driver Ping (Dennis Chan) has abandoned them.

This movie didn't score very high on reviews but I really liked it! I thought it had a great creep factor and told a good story. Not every movie has to have millions of dollars in computer generated graphics to make it good. 

So I definitely suggest you give it a try and maybe be a little wary (and more respectful) when the Seventh Lunar Month comes around!