Monday, June 4, 2018

Goldfield Ghost Town On Mother's Day

I knew when we went to Goldfield I had to share. It would have been so much better at night but they close at like 5. Maybe around Halloween they have special events where they stay open later. I will have to check on it. I want to go to Tombstone and Jerome as well.

Goldfield is an interesting place to visit. Nestled into the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona the area is steeped with supernatural history. Mysterious disappearances  and sightings make it a fascinating place to visit or even investigate.

Just watch out for the local residents....

and Scorpions!

I think i like the ghost better lol.

So here are the pictures I got. Unfortunately nothing supernatural but still fun!

Monday, May 28, 2018

The IT Birthday

Hello all my creepy peeps! I have been a bad, bad girl... I have not been posting on the blog like I should. all 😞

Time's have been tough and a lot has been going on so my happy place has been neglected. I have, however done a little better job with my Instagram page which is @somthingwickedtwcaz
It allows me to post thing's when I have a moment. Blogging take's a little more planning and preparation and my poor little brain has just not had the energy lol.

I do want to get back into it though.

So back on subject. Last September was my daughter's 17th Birthday! And of course being the wicked little family we are, she chose to go see Stephen King's IT since it came out ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! She was so excited 😍!

So we went to Harkins Movie Theater and she got her (Free) Birthday Popcorn and and Loyalty Cups and settled in to see the remake of one of my FAVORITE movies!!!

The following weekend we also had an IT themed BBQ party.

Here are the picture's from all our fun. The picture's aren't all that great. I was using my phone and it lacks severely in taking quality low light pictures *sigh*. We did have fun and that is what matters. My daughter and her friends enjoyed walking around the park at dusk and she does a good job of looking spooky....the is my daughter after all lol!


They had to do some cheer stunts along with being spoopy lol.