Friday, October 4, 2019

October Is Here!! favorite of the Fall months. Primarily because of Halloween but also because its my Birth Month and nothing is better than having your birthday in the same month as Halloween!

I am working on some new ideas for the blog and hopefully soon, a YouTube Channel! I'm not tech stupid but I'm not tech savvy exactly either so hopefully it will go ok lol. 

Be on the look out for some "HIY" tutorials coming soon.

Hope you are having a spooktacular Friday!

Miss Wicked

Friday, September 27, 2019

Freaky Friday Finds: Deadly Beauties Spa

I know It has been a while since I have done this series of post but I have a special one to share with you today! A while back I had taken my daughter in to one of the local Beauty Schools to get her Prom Makeup done and I had the pleasure of meeting 2 fantastic and talented young women who did an amazing job on my daughters makeup. Fast forward to more recently, I started following an Instagram account for a new Beauty Spa in Tempe called Deadly Beauties cause I thought it was such an awesome theme and one day while I was scrolling through their Instagram I came across a picture of my daughters Prom Makeup that I had given them permission to use and it clicked.... they were the ones that did her makeup and I didn't even realize it at first lol.

So yesterday I went in for a facial to check them out and show you guys. This was my first facial....ever! Being a single mom, you always put your kids needs first so I never spent money on things like that for myself but I have been more concerned with my skin lately since this ghoul ain't getting any younger, so I decided to go in and get one done.

Ok.. all I can say is damn it, I have been missing out cause it felt AMAZING and my skin was so hydrated and glowing afterwards so now that my wicked little offspring is grown, I will be doing more things for myself. And ladies, this is something we should do more of even while our kids are young. Even if it is like once a month...just go do it!

Kate & Rae are the Owners/Estheticians and they share a room at their Tempe location. It is a great little shopping center on Mill Ave and Baseline at 123 E Baseline Rd Ste D202b Tempe, Az 85283 
They are behind US Egg and Waldo's BBQ in the 2nd story building. 
Mill Town Center

These ladies share our love of horror and all things creepy and cute. Their spa is decorated with cute little coffin shelves, skulls, and an overall sort of retro spooky cute vibe. I love it!
Here is Rae & Kate the smokin hot duo

 Just so cute!
 Love their decor
They also do makeup..even Halloween Makeup!!!!

So if you want an amazing, personal experience and want beautiful skin, definitely go check these wicked little beauties out. 
Tell them Something Wicked AZ sent you for a 10% discount!!!
Also, follow at 
Twitter: @_deadlybeauties
Facebook: deadly.beauties.aesthetics
Call: Kate-480.352.7545 Rae-602.708.0169 
Address 123 E. Baselina Rd Ste D202b Tempe, Az 85283
They are upstairs inside Assouvie Day Spa 

Monday, September 23, 2019

First Day Of Fall...Yay!

Photo by KIM DAE JEUNG from Pexels

It's finally the first day of Fall and even though we live in Arizona and it feels nothing like Fall, I am still excited! At least that means we are getting away from daily triple digit heat but I really miss the falling leaves, crisp air, and all the other actual changes you see in states that have more than 2 seasons lol.

I love Arizona for a lot of reasons but when it comes to the weather, that is where we don't see eye to eye except for the fact that we don't have any dangerous, natural disaster type weather but the heat can kill you too 0_0

Now that Fall has arrived I have to really step up my game on preparing some Halloween "HIY" projects. I haven't yet because we just moved, I had surgery on my right arm, and we were in a car accident so life has been very hectic and stressful for the past 8 months really. 

Fall is my favorite time of year and it always has been so I am looking forward to a little fun and happiness since things have been so crappy.

I will be posting some of the decorations I come up with and maybe even a YouTube tutorial ๐ŸŽƒ

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Spirit Halloween Is Open!

Thing's have been busy and I have been in a lot of pain from my back but I finally made it to my favorite Halloween store, Spirit Halloween! I usually like to try and make it on opening day but I wasn't able to this year.

My daughter and I love the product lines out this year! I want pretty much everything Trick R Treat related as well as Hocus Pocus, IT, and Halloween! I really want to get some more out door decorations and also start building some.

What do you want to get the most?

 My beautiful baby girl!
 Freddy had a little itch lol
 Billy Butcherson..he lost his head
 This guy was pretty big. That would be amazing to have for the front yard!
 I want everything Trick R Treat related
 Spooky Kids
 I like this one too
 We all float down here...
 Freddy lights
 Ch Ch Ch ah ah ah
 Cute pumkins
 I like this fogger!
 Clown dolly
 I love this snow globe!
 Its Just A Bunch Of
 Hocus Pocus
 Ooogie Boogie
 I really like this vintage style blanket
 Love this!
 Spooky socks
 Light up pentagram wreath
 Every Day is Halloween
 Somebody's gonna be lunch
 This looks cool
 S.S. Reaper
 Creepin' It Real
This looks really cool in black and white

So here are all the pictures I got. What do you like the most? I will post some more pics on my next visit to Spirits on my Instagram Acct @SomethingWickedTWCAZ