Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Spirit Halloween Is Open!

Thing's have been busy and I have been in a lot of pain from my back but I finally made it to my favorite Halloween store, Spirit Halloween! I usually like to try and make it on opening day but I wasn't able to this year.

My daughter and I love the product lines out this year! I want pretty much everything Trick R Treat related as well as Hocus Pocus, IT, and Halloween! I really want to get some more out door decorations and also start building some.

What do you want to get the most?

 My beautiful baby girl!
 Freddy had a little itch lol
 Billy Butcherson..he lost his head
 This guy was pretty big. That would be amazing to have for the front yard!
 I want everything Trick R Treat related
 Spooky Kids
 I like this one too
 We all float down here...
 Freddy lights
 Ch Ch Ch ah ah ah
 Cute pumkins
 I like this fogger!
 Clown dolly
 I love this snow globe!
 Its Just A Bunch Of
 Hocus Pocus
 Ooogie Boogie
 I really like this vintage style blanket
 Love this!
 Spooky socks
 Light up pentagram wreath
 Every Day is Halloween
 Somebody's gonna be lunch
 This looks cool
 S.S. Reaper
 Creepin' It Real
This looks really cool in black and white

So here are all the pictures I got. What do you like the most? I will post some more pics on my next visit to Spirits on my Instagram Acct @SomethingWickedTWCAZ

Sunday, August 25, 2019

I'm Baaaacckkk!

Well after probably about a year my blog is back up and running. I had some issues with it coming up when people would try to go on and in between some health issues, a move, and a car accident, it has taken me this long to get it back up.

If you are returning from before, Thank You for your patience and coming back! If you're new Welcome and thank you for checking out my spooky little spot on the web! ๐Ÿ‘ป

So now that I'm back, I want to get back to doing my Freaky Friday Finds and try and get some more Halloween and Horror DIY's posted. I also want to share some of my personal Paranormal Experience Stories and I am really thinking about starting a YouTube channel. What do you guys think? Do you like the Blog format better or Video's? Maybe both...

The Horror, Halloween, and Paranormal community is my happy place and I want to make this successful because I love it so much and I want to not only share what I love but also to meet others who share in my passion. So if you follow along, thank you so much cause it's the connections we make with others in the community that truly makes the time spent on this worth it ๐Ÿ’“

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Paranormal Tales Tuesday: The Ouija Board and The Music Box

Have you ever been somewhere and all of a sudden the little hairs on your arms and the back off your neck stand up and you may have even had a sudden feeling of dread?

Or have you just been doing something or out somewhere and you encounter something that can only be explained as paranormal?

Well that is what this collection will be about. Not always long detailed stories of my experiences, but my experiences nonetheless and maybe this can eventually open up to more discussions later with other people.

So this is kind of where I have my first memories of encountering something paranormal. It kind of started with me messing around with a Ouija Board.... I know, it's somewhat cliche but this is all true.

I had talked my mom into getting me a Ouija Board back in 1985 and my neighbor and I would mess around with it. We had a few experiences of something coming through here and there and then one day we when we asked who we were talking to, we were told it was a little boy named David. He said he had been murdered and they hadn't found his body. As we asked more questions, he became agitated and the planchette started going around fast and then stopped suddenly.

We didn't hear much from him for a bit.

One night, one of my mom's friends were over visiting and she wanted to try using it with us and I can't remember what all was said back and fourth but the one thing I remember was the planchette moving around the board fast and then flying off and hitting the wall. Needless to say, everyone was a little freaked out.

It was after this that weird thing started happening in our little apartment.

I left the Ouija in the back of our car and the next day when I went to take it inside, there was a perfect circle BURNED into the center of the board. I never understood how this could happen since we lived in Arizona at the time and it was the middle of the winter. It wasn't caused by heat or the sun it just happened.... and stopped burning after creating the circle....

After these events, my mom had been out for the night and my Aunt and a friend of mine were at the apartment with me. We were all in the living room and we heard music playing from my bedroom. All three of us slowly creeped  to my room to see what was making the noise. I looked around and didn't see anything, but I could still hear the music playing. I followed the sound to my desk and opened the drawer. As soon as I had touched the drawer the music stopped.

I looked in the drawer and pulled out my music box. I held it in the palm of my hand with my fingers wrapped around the sides. I looked at my Aunt and my friend and all of a sudden it started playing again! I threw it down and my friend and I were in the chair (the same chair mind you) before my Aunt knew we were gone lol.

Now just so you understand, this is one of those music boxes that you wind up and they play by winding back down and the little raised parts getting dinged. The music box was in my hand...held in place by my could not turn therefor it shouldn't have been able to play. It was crazy!

After this about a week passed and I was going to the movies with my Aunt and that same friend and we were stopped at a stoplight. The car next to us rolled down the window and asked where the mall was located and everything seemed normal and then all of a sudden a weird look came over him and he shot out into the middle of the intersection, spun around and started speeding towards us! Right at the last minute, he changed direction and tool off. I really thought we were gonna die. It was insane!

I never knew why or anything it was just really weird.

Ok so that is my first experience with the paranormal.

Let me know if you liked this post and want to hear the other's

Also I would love to hear about yours in the comment section ๐Ÿ‘ป

Until next time...Stay Creepy My Friends!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

I Won A Fear Box From

Hi to all my creepsters! I just got my prize in the other day from . I didn't win the bigger box but Dionne decided to pull a could of extra names (because she is awesome!) and I was one of them! 

I was SO EXCITED to open the box I didn't get to do a video but I took plenty of pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰. My daughter and my sister wanted me to hurry and open it as well lol. And of course my daughter want to swipe dang near everything in the box lmao.

So before I show you the pictures, don't forget to stop by and check out her shop and go follow @things2fear on Insta for all kinds of creepy goodness. 

Now for the Horror Goodies!!!!!

Sorry for the terrible lighting. I wanted to hurry up and get this posted and my phone camera is TERRIBLE!
Thank you again to Dionne from Things2Fear for the spooktacular goodies!