Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Possession

September is a busy month in the land of Miss Wicked, with 2 birthdays to celebrate it can get pretty crazy! This year for my Sister's birthday I took her to see The Possession. It's about a young girl whose parent's have divorced and while staying with Dad he buys her an old box at a yard sale. Leave it to Dad to buy the cursed object lol! The family soon discovers that the box was meant to stay closed.

It was a different take on possession and I like that it was not the usual Catholic Church deal. Although they are the masters of ridding one's body of unwanted visitors lol. I have to say it was one of the better possession movies to have come out recently. I was pretty disappointed with the last Exorcist movie to come out awhile back but I still appreciate its creepiness.

My next theater trip is either going to be The House at the End of the Street or Sinister! Love this time of the year :-}!

What was the last horror movie you watched and what did you think about it?

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Best Town For Halloween Loving Families

I really would like to get a lot of feedback on this so please let others know as well :-). 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Best Town For Halloween Loving Families

Halloween is fast approaching and I have been noticing a change, it seems like Halloween isn't being celebrated as much as it was when I was a kid. With so much political correctness and what not things that make childhood fun are being changed. Now they don't even call it Halloween Festival at schools (or Christmas for that matter...that a whole other blog lol). If you don't celebrate a particular religion then don't participate. It is our differences that make this country great so whats the point in hiding it behind "PC". My daughter is not African American but I want her to learn and celebrate African American Heritage Month as well as learn about other cultures and religions.  Things are crazy, just accept and celebrate people's differences and enjoy life and be nice.  Geesh lol.

Parents are afraid to let their kids trick or treat for fear of poison candy and social deviants who prey on kids (I have a solution for that) and the kids are cheated out of the experience. Trunk or Treat is just not the same as going to see all your neighbors creepy, and if your lucky, terrifying houses and collecting bags full of candy all the while wondering if there are any goblins and ghouls waiting to grab you when you stray to far from the lights.

I have given thought to if I was going to move where would it be and having an awesome Halloween town would be great! I figure other like minded people would find this useful too. Arizona isn't bad but it has just changed. I am curious as to what Halloween is like in other towns across America and would love to have everyone's input on what the best towns and neighborhoods in those towns for Halloween are and have a reason by answering these questions....

Does your town have....

  • Family attractions like fall festivals, carnivals, or any other family friendly stuff.
  • Halloween Parades and are they big?
  • Haunted Attractions
  • Neighborhoods that go all out on Halloween with decorations and candy
  • Block parties
  • Real haunted places
  • Local spooky legends
  • Great Fall Weather

And anything else you think is spooky and awesome for the darkest night of the year. You can either post in comments or email me at and I will make it all into a list for everyone to see.