Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top 10 Saddest Death's In Horror

On Instagram (@SomethingWickedTWCAZ) I was tagged to list what I think is the saddest death scenes in horror. This was super hard to do, 1 because I have seen so many horror movies and show's and 2 because there are a lot so trying to narrow the number was hard.

I know there are a lot other's but these are some of the one's I thought of without remembering all of the movies I have seen lol.

I can usually deal with human death's in movies, with the exception of kid's....that gets me but just as much as with kid's animal death's are hard as well. There have been some adult death's that have been hard though and I have listed them with the other's.

1. David Drayton's family in The Mist. OMG when I saw this my jaw and my heart hit the floor like a friggin TANK! How awful would that be to know just minute's later you would have all been fine? How could you live knowing this? Soo sad!

2. Gage from Pet Semetary. This was heart wrenching! It was bad when I was a teen but after I had my daughter it was BRUTAL!

3. Casey Becker from Scream. Killed right as she was running to the safety of her returning parent's. That moment when her mom was on the phone and could hear her faint, dying voice killed me! I would have hunted his a** down and well you don't want to know, let's just say it would not be pretty!

4. The Horse in The Walking Dead. This was soooo sad! Rick should have done something to help him :-(. He died horribly and it's sad because in reality, so many animal's have died in service to people.

5. Arthur Kipps and his son in The Woman In Black. Why did he let go of his hand!? Geesh after all that happened I would have a serious grip on my kid and not let go lol. This was sad and touching at the same time. The up side was that they were reunited with his wife but still sad.

6. Izzie from The Pulse. It would be so hard seeing your best friend dying this way and be helpless to do anything. Then she just turns to ash.

7. Joyce Summers from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. This was sad to me for 2 reasons. 1 because my mom had a lot of health issues while I was growing up and 2 because after all they have done, to lose her mom was heartbreaking.

8. Tara from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. After everything Willow went through with Tara to have her taken away because of a stray bullet is just awful! This ultimately set Willow on a dark path of destruction and revenge.

9. Marty from Cabin In The Woods. I think the sad part started when Dana shot him. He didn't die from it but it's the betrayal. Then they both die as everything least that's what we assume to have happened.

10. Tina from Halloween 5. She had such a great personality in the movie! She died sacrificing herself to save Jamie from Michael.

11. Eric from Evil Dead 2013. He fought till the end to help protect his friends. That dude had taken some serious punishment! This movie has some seriously brutal scenes anyways :-).

I was going to put video clips in with this but that would just take away from the effect of seeing it (if you haven't) yourself. If you haven't seen these, you should :-).

Hope you like my list!