Monday, July 25, 2016

My Horror T-shirt Shop!

I Opened A Horror T-shirt Shop!

I have somewhat recently started designing T-shirts. Some of you may have seem them on my Instagram page and my Twitter but if not here are some of my designs so far.

One of the reasons I started doing this is because I am trying to earn money for my daughters Sweet 16! No one in my family has had a Sweet 16 and if someone is deserving of that special day it's her. She has been through a lot and I want to do this for her more than anything! She has Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, ADHD and has struggled with being bullied as well as going through a hard time while I was my mother's live in caregiver until she passed. She has always been such a good kid and understanding of how thing's have been with me being a single mom. She deserves a special day!

Time is running out and it would take a miracle to pull it off, but I am still holding out hope. I have been saving but there is no way I can pull off that kind of money while trying to take care of all my responsibilities. 

I will continue to make shirts because I like the creativity. If you have any idea's, suggestions, or feedback I would appreciate it greatly!

Please Check Out My Shop And Help Me Spread The Word!
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