Thursday, October 29, 2015

Japan And Halloween

I eventually would love to travel to different states and countries to see how they celebrate Halloween. I love travel and I love learning about different places and cultures, and of course, I LOVE Halloween so it makes perfect sense that I would want to see how they mesh in different locations.

I recently can across a video of Halloween In Japan and that inspired this post.

Now, if you have read some of my blog I'm sure I must have mentioned that I also love Asian Horror movies! I love that a lot of their horror stores come from their particular history and mythology. Plus they are just really good at being creepy ;-)

Since Halloween is not as common in Japan it would be very interesting to see how they have adopted some of the traditions. I found out from another video that they still don't Trick R' Treat though unless you are a little kid and that is only at a parade.

I definitely want to go there during Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Movie List

So every Halloween there are certain movies we fit in's tradition. I have a master list of movies that are good for watching during Halloween and we pick through them depending on time and schedules. 

We watch everything from Horror to more Disney Halloween. Some of the old kids specials are the best! Although I wish there were more Horror movies about Halloween. I will categorize these by Family Horror and then good old Horror. 

Family Horror

o    Twitches 1 &2
o    Hocus Pocus
o    Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire
o    Under Wraps
o    Haunting Hour
o    HalloweenTown Series
o    Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Werewolf
o    Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
o    Monster Mash
o    Toonsylvania
o    Wallace & Gromit The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
o    The Corpse Bride
o    The Nightmare Before Christmas
o    The Witches
o    Coraline
o    The Haunted Mansion
o    Something Wicked This Way Comes
o    Igor
o    Ghostbusters 1&2
o    The Adams Family 1 & 2
o    Casper
o    Casper & Wendy
o    Double, Double, Boil And Trouble
o    Little Monsters
o    Monster Squad
o    Ernest Scared Stupid
o    Gremlins
o    Transylvania 6-5000
o    The Adventures Of Ichabod & Mr. Toad
o    The Haunted Pumpkin Of Sleepy Hollow
o    Harry Potter Series
o    The Watcher In The Woods
o    When Good Ghouls Go Bad
o    Mostly Ghostly
o    The Phantom Of The Megaplex
o    The Scream Team
o    Twitches  1 & 2
o    Paranorman
o    Monster House
o    Frankenweenie
o    R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet Of Souls
o    The Little Vampire
o    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
o    The Worst Witch
o    Munster's Go Home
o    Scooby Doo & The Goblin King
o    Scooby Doo & The Witches Ghost
o    Scooby Doo & The Loch Ness Monster
o    Scooby Doo Zombie Island
o    Scooby Doo Movies 1 & 2 (non-animated)
o    Scary Godmother's Halloween Spooktacular
o    Scary Godmother's The Revenge Of Jimmy
o    Nicktoon's Halloween Tail's Of Fright
o    The Simpsons Halloween
o    Archie’s Weird Mysteries
o    And of course any of the other Goosebumps movies


o    Halloween Series
o    Friday The 13th Series
o    Nightmare On Elm Street
o    Hellraiser Series
o    Puppet Master Series
o    Scream Series
o    Resident Evil Series
o    Underworld Series
o    Trick R’ Treat
o    Cabin In The Woods
o    Exorcist Series
o    Evil Dead (old & new)
o    The Shining
o    Insidious Series
o    Sinister
o    Poltergeist Series
o    Paranormal Activity Series
o    The Conjuring
o    Annabell
o    The Thing
o    The Ring Series
o    The Grudge Series
o    Grave Halloween
o    Tales From The Hood
o    Snoop Dog’s Hood Of Horror
o    Stay Alive
o    The Purge Series
o    You’re Next
o    Suspiria
o    Audition (Asian Horror)
o    Shaun Of The Dead
o    Night Of The Living Dead
o    Return Of The Living Dead Series
o    An American Werewolf In London
o    Psycho Series
o    Final Destination Series
o    Wrong Turn Series
o    The Mist
o    A Tale Of Two Sisters (Asian Horror)
o    The Hitcher
o    Jeepers Creepers Series
o     Shutter
o    The Others
o    Jacobs Ladder
o    Flatliners
o    Dead Alive
o    Pulse
o    Silent Hill Series
o    From Dusk Till Dawn
o    The Crazies
o    The Women In Black
o    Sleepy Hollow
o    In The Mouth Of Madness
o    Fright Night (new & old)
o    30 Days Of Night
o    Thirteen Ghost
o    Zombie Land
o    Club Dread
o    The Covenant
o    Constantine
o    The Frighteners
o    Soul Survivors
o    Forsaken
o    The Fog
o    What Lies Beneath
o    The Rite
o    Jennifer’s Body
o    The Lost Boy’s Series
o    Gingersnaps Series
o    House On Haunted Hill
o    Rose Red
o    The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer
o    Shutter Island
o    Dracula
o    Dawn Of The Dead
o    From Dusk Till Dawn
o    The Hills Have Eye’s
o    Idle Hands
o    Doll’s
o    The Roost
o    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
o    Devil’s Due
o    Smiley
o    The Last Exorcism
o    Detention Of The Dead
o    Ouija
o    Warm Bodies
o    Hell Baby
o    Insidious
o    Silent Hill Series
o    The Rite
o    Thirteen Ghost
o    The Forsaken
o    Soul Survivors
o    House Of The Dead
o    Legion
o    Blade Series
o    Mirrors Series
o    The Stand
o    Serpent And The Rainbow
o    Prince Of Darkness
o    One Missed Call (Asian Horror)
o    The Eye (Asian Horror)
o    Dark Water (Asian Horror)
o    Carved (Asian Horror)
o    A Tale Of Two Sisters (Asian Horror)
o    Noroi: The Curse (Asian Horror)
o    Ju-On (Asian Horror)
o    Ringu (Asian Horror)
o    Dumplings (Asian Horror)
o    Audition (Asian Horror)
o    Donnie Darko
o    Goulies
o    Psycho
o    The Shining
o    The Strangers
o    IT
o    Pumpkinhead
o    The Amittyville Horror
o    30 Days Of Night
o    Oculus
o    My Bloody Valentine
o    Mine
o    Creepshow
o    Tales From The Darkside
o    The Lost Boys
o    Shocker
o    The Funhouse
o    Night Of The Creeps
o    Prom Night
o    Misery
o    The Thaw
o    The Thing
o    Cat’s Eye
o    Critters
o    The Haunting
o    The Haunting In Connecticut 1&2
o    Crazies
o    Wishmaster 1&2
o    The Others
o    The Woman In Black
o    Candyman Series
o    Cabin Fever
o    Demon Knight
o    Night Of The Demons
o    House Of Wax
o    Devil
o    The Fourth Kind
o    Drag Me To Hell
o    Ghost Ship
o    Skeleton Key
o    Midnight Meat Train
o    The Innkeepers
o    Ghost Story
o    The Happening
o    Bad Dreams
o    What Lies Beneath
o    Chucky
o    Dead Silence
o    Pet Semetary
o    Phantoms
o    Ghoul
o    Babbadook
o    Christine
o    Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
o    Boogyman
o    Queen Of The Damned
o    Brainscan
o    I Know What You Did Last Summer Series
o    You’re Next
o    White Noise
o    The Ward
o    The Shrine
o    Beneath The Darkness
o    The Pact
o    John Dies At The End (Not so much real horror but good action horror)
o    Re-Animator
o    The Haunting At Silver Falls
o    Day Watch
o    Night Watch
o    Greystone Park
o    They
o    Vanishing On 7th Street
o    Grave Encounters 1&2
o    Odd Thomas (Not scary but a cool Dean Koonts story)
o    Sadako (Asian Horror)
o    Ring Of Curse (Asian Horror)
o    Burke & Hare (Dark but not scary)
o    I Sell The Dead (Dark but not scary)
o    Pontypool
o    Alien Abduction
o    Abandoned Mine
o    Darkness Falls
o    Rigor Mortis (Asian Horror)
o    Shrooms
o    Antisocial
o    Mine Games
o    VHS
o    Visible Secret (Asian Horror)
o    Mercy
o    Baby Blues (Asian Horror)
o    Don’t Blink
o    At The Devil’s Door
o    Knights Of Badassdom
o    Come Back To Me
o    The Damned
o    Horns
o    A Good Marriage
o    Stonehearst Asylum
o    Secrets In The Walls
o    Venom
o    Open Windows
o    The Houses October Built
o    Killer Legends
o    Alter
o    The Canal
o    Jinn
o    After
o    Grabbers
o    All Cheerleaders Die
o    Buck Wild
o    Black Sheep
o    23:59 (Asian Horror)
o    Burying The Ex
o    The Hole
o    Dark Skies
o    The Lazerus Effect
o    The Pyramid
o    Final Destination Series
o    The Unborn
o    Husk
o    Fertile Ground
o    The Graves
o    Crazy Eights
o    Dark Ride
o    The Hamiltons
o    Wicked Little Things
o    Penny Dreadful
o    Unrest
o    The Gravedancers
o    Reincarnation
o    The Abandoned
o    The Final
o    The Ninth Gate
o    The Gate

There are soooo many more but I wanted to actually post this before Halloween lol. I will continue to add to this.
Comment your favorites below :-) 
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