Friday, March 18, 2016

Freaky Friday Finds: Zombie Hammer!

I came across something I, myself have to get and that I absolutely had to share with you. As an added bonus it's local! I love discovering new and unique items that fall into the Horror/Gothic/Paranormal theme.

I also happen to collect weapons. Knives, swords, daggers, pretty much anything along that line.

And as you might know, I have a special place in my heart for Zombies!

So when you put these two thing's together you get Zombie Hammer! They have a collection of skull crushing pieces of metal artwork that could make any Zombie Hunter swoon. I know that if there ever is a Zombie Apocalypse  I want to be Very prepared!

I want to start with the original and work my way through the rest.

<3 Who needs a place to hang your hat when this is the alternative?

So many choices!

The second one I want...this or the Ventilator ;-)

The other GREAT thing about this company is that it is all made in the US! 

So before the Zombie Apocalypse hit's, check out Zombie Hammer!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 Scary Irish Myths and Monsters

Part of my heritage is Irish and I like learning about my various cultural histories. In honor of this St Patrick's Day, I wanted to share some of the Irish Monsters. Enjoy and remember, Erin Go Bragh and don't steal the Leprechauns gold!

1. The Dearg Due - Which means Red Blood Sucker. This is the Irish version of a Vampire. She was once a beautiful young women who fell in love with a peasant boy. Her parent's did not approve so she killed herself to avoid an arranged marriage she was being forced into.Legend has it she arose from the grave and killed her family to get revenge for her lost love.

2. Cu Dorchadas - Dog of Darkness. They are dog-like solitary apparitions that haunt lonely abandoned places, ruins and churches. They are usually black and have the ability to shapeshift. They come for one of two things an Omen of Doom and Disaster or a Protector of buildings, locations, and travelers from other, more sinister supernatural beings.

3. Each Uisce - A dangerous Waterhorse that attempts to drown and devour humans. It will take the form of a horse and try to get people to ride it. It can also take the form of a human in order to seduce a human and eat them.

4. The Dullahan - A Death Omen in Celtic Mythology the Dullahan is a rider who posses a whip made of a human spine in one hand and his head in the other (somewhat like The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow). When he calls your name the doors to the underworld open and you die immediately. But don't stick around to watch lest your eyes be whipped out by that nasty spine!

5. Caoranach - A monstrous female serpent who is the mother of all demons. She lives in an Irish Lake called Lough Derq.

And as a bonus there is of course The Banshee and The Leprechaun! But most people know about those :-).

Have a Great St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Freaky Friday Finds: Christie's Creepy Dolls

Since being on Instagram, and being slightly addicted, I came across an account for Christie's Creepy Doll's Being a purveyor of all kind's of crazy, creepy things I have loved to see all the new creepy doll art pieces she has created. Here are some she has created that I particularly love.

A Gothic Beauty

Who doesn't love creepy clown dolls?

Love this!

Evil Bunny!

Terrible Teddy!

Linda Blair look alike?

Christie and a friend

Elegant death

I love the how she can take something ordinary and make it spectacularly creepy beautiful! Plus the fact that each one is hand painted and unique make's them super special!

Go over and check out her dolls at her Ebay Shop 

and follow her Twitter @creepydolls 

What horror thing's do you like to collect?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Vampire Huntress Series, L.A. Banks

Okay, so I have already mentioned that Stephen King is one of my all time favorite authors but another one of my favorites is L.A. Banks. I absolutely LOVE her and it's so sad that she passed away! I would have loved to meet her. 

I picked up her book Minion and started reading it and was hooked! I love the story line and I also love how even though it is a horror genre book, it also has this feel good aspect to it.  She had a true talent for immersing you in this world battling evil and the importance of our bonds with family and friends.

The first story tell's about Demali Richards who is a popular Spoken Word Artist and also hunt's vampires and Demons after the sun goes down. She is what is called a Neteru which is a Huntress who is born once every thousand years and tasked with vanquishing the world of evil. She is followed by a group of guardians who are her friends and family and are her diving force behind accomplishing what she is destined to do. 

I can not tell you how hooked on this series I was! I definitely recommend this series.